Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Balance & Moderation throughout the Holiday's

πŸŽ„ Tips on maintaining Balance & Moderation this Holiday πŸŽ„
How often do you hear... "Just have one... It's the Holidays"...
Follow these tips to stay on track this holiday season.

1. Remember that saying "NO" is hard. For everyone… 
You are not the only one dealing with the anxiety of situational pressure. Just because the "norm" is to have another drink or piece of pie does not mean you have to participate. Simply say "NO"!! I promise, no one is going to ask you questions or force you to do anything! *Be your real self. 
2. Role-play scenarios you know are coming… 
Plan ahead for situations you know will arise. Someone is going to ask...Why are you on a diet? Why can you not have a drink? Why can't you stay later? Have an answer prepared. A simple no thank you usually does the trick. But, if someone is pushy all you have to say is... I know how it will make me feel, or I am trying to stay on track during the holidays. You can not get a rebuttal to that! *Always speak the truth, and you will come out on top. 
Funny Example: When you are pregnant and have not told anyone yet...Before you go to dinner or a party, you have a plan. You know what you are going to say or know you are going to walk around with a club soda and lime all night! And not get questioned :)
3. Encourage friends to give back and remember what they are grateful for... 
If your fear is looking ungrateful, constantly remind yourself how grateful YOU are. Holiday's can easily turn into hospitality with LOTS of calories and uncomfortable situations. People want you to feel welcome and comfortable, which usually means food, drinks and late nights. On the flip side of that relationship, you don’t want to appear ungrateful and feel obliged to accept. So, let them know what you are grateful for and obligated to (kids, family, plans the following day). If you are doing service work over the holidays, invite them to join. *Gratitude will only spread love. 
4. Respond with values, not outcomes… Responding to uncomfortable situations with your true values will keep you grounded and bring a little light into their lives. 
If the idea of saying, “I might not stop at just one” is scary...
Try using one of these: “I’m trying to do this for myself", “I’m trying to practice a little willpower.”, “I’m trying to stick to my plan.” 
Responding with the values you are trying to embody rather than the outcomes is a great way to show your true character. *Remind yourself what this journey is really about.

*Be your real self* Always speak the truth and you will come out on top* Gratitude will only spread love* Remind yourself what this journey is really about*

Happy Holidays!!! XOXO Haley πŸ’š

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