Wednesday, December 5, 2018

7 Tips on how to beat Holiday Stress

7 Tips on how to beat Holiday Stress…
The Holiday’s can be stressful, but you can make them fun at the same time! Starting in October with Halloween, straight to Thanksgiving, and all the way through the end of December with Christmas, then New Years… Thats over 3 months filled with activities, parties and obligations! 

When you add all of this to your goal of staying healthy and fit while still talking care of your family it takes a tole on you! 
Here are 7 ways that will help you still enjoy the holidays, not forget about yourself, and not feel frustrated or defeated. 

1. Practice the power of “NO”… We all feel the need to attend every event/party/gathering that we are invited to. But sometimes it almost makes you crazy trying to hit all of these gatherings. Pick the ones that are closest to your heart. For the ones you can not attend, simply say NO. You can not make it, thank you for the invitation, maybe next year. No need to lie or make an excuse. Just do what your heart tells you! Wouldn’t you rather be in good spirits when seeing the ones you love instead of it feeling like a burden?

2. Take a day OFF… Instead of trying to cram all of your errands, gift buying, and holiday shopping on the weekends take a week day off of work you have been saving! There will be less traffic, you will feel relaxed and actually get into the Christmas Spirit!

3. Simplify your gift giving… If you have a large family suggest drawing names and buying one special gift instead of trying to pick up random presents that are just a “filler”. Buy something for someone they will actually enjoy using throughout the year.

4. Focus on the Community… Christmas is more than receiving gifts! I get so much joy out of giving gifts, actually I would rather give than receive! Suggest to your family instead of buying gifts for each other sponsor a family and buy gifts for those in need. This will eliminate the stress of making sure each person has the perfect gift and also contribute to a family who needs more than we all do. 

5. Take time for yourself… Skipping your workout is not going to help you accomplish any more during the day. It will actually be in the back of your mind all day that you have not worked out! So get up, get moving, make a list and knock it out! Take care of YOU first, then the rest of the day will fall in place. You will have more energy, focus, and a much better attitude :) 

6. Boost your immune system…. This time of year is a prime time for running your self into the ground and ending up in bed. Make sure to drink lots of water, incorporate good, whole foods in your diet, and get plenty of sleep. You can not neglect yourself- Otherwise it will throw you for a loop! 

7. Make a list and have a plan… You will run circles around town tracking down gifts, etc. Make a list of where you are going and what you want to accomplish and your “errands” will be a lot more enjoyable.

Christmas is not about gift giving or how much you can do. I think we all need to stop and think about the real reason for the season :) -XOXO Haley
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