Saturday, December 1, 2018

10 tips to help with not being intimidated at the gym

10 Tips on how to not be intimidated at the gym...

Have you ever walked into a large gym, confused on where to go, and intimidated by all of the people lifting weights? 
Automatically thinking you are surrounded by super hunks and gorgeous women... 

That was ME today and it totally threw me off! I have been in fitness for over 12 years training every different type of person, in charge of their workouts from their form to routine, as well as reassuring the client they are doing things the "right" way in the gym... I knew there was a way to overcome this barrier! 

It was raining, so I decided to go to a local gym which is a franchise so it was busy. There were so many different people, I felt like everyone was staring at me, and I didn't know where anything was. SO... all I knew was to go straight to the thing I felt most comfortable with. The treadmill!!  While running I was planning my workout which consisted of light weights and fat burning cardio exercises. I started to run, looking around the gym for equipment I needed, etc. This made it even worse- people were either in the area I wanted to be in or using a piece of equipment I needed. I felt TOTALLY lost! Long story short... I walked in the gym, ran 7 miles, and walked straight out. The only thing I knew to do! 

10 tips to 
 not being intimidated at the gym... 
1. Overcoming just GOING- You have already made the hardest decision about working out, GOING to the gym!! Most people procrastinate or do not go at all. 
2. Your Not Alone- Everyone in the gym has been in your shoes. They have walked in for the first time and felt that same feeling. 
3. Take a Tour- When you sign up, even though you think you know what you are doing- agree to let the staff take you around and show you the gym. This will help with getting acquainted with equipment and floor placement. 
4. Pay Attention to just YOU- Your workout is YOUR workout. So don't look around at others, compare yourself to others, or let yourself  wonder "I hope they are not watching me". Because I guarantee they are not. 
5. Wear Headphones- Wearing headphones, listening to my music, and getting in the zone helps me stay concentrated. 
6. Have a workout plan- Before going in, know what you want to accomplish by being there
7. Don't be afraid to communicate- This is a tough one because you dont know if a person is using a piece of equipment or just forgot to re-rack the weight (that is the case 90% of the time). You can simply say "are you using this" or "are you in the middle of a set?" And they will kindly let you know. You will also be asked this question often.
8. Take a buddy- Research has shown you get more accomplished and feel more comfortable working out with a friend. 
9, Dont Compromise- Just because someone is using a piece of equipment you need or in the space you need, Don't skip that exercise! Move on to the next one. Then come back. 
10. Have confidence in yourself- If anything, Be confident in the way you carry yourself, watch your form, and be polite... People will think you are a pro! 


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Email me with any questions! Have a great workout! XO Haley

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