Monday, December 10, 2018

12 Days of Christmas Video of Exercises

Day 1 Exercises...

Day 2 Exercises:

12 Days of Christmas Exercises

 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge
Complete each days workout as we move closer to Christmas Day!
Workouts/ Videos of Exercises:    

Day 1: Repeat 2x
15 Modified Pushups
50 Mountain Climbers
15 Plank-Pushup R
15 Plank-Pushup L

Day 2: Repeat 2x
20 Basic Squats
20 Explosions
20 Stationary Lunge R
20 Stationary Lunge L
20 Low Squat Jacks (out,in=1 rep)

Day 3: Repeat 2x
20 Froggers
20 Elbow Plank Punch R, L (R=1,L=2)
20 Side Plank R with Hip Dip
20 Side Plank L with Hip Dip
20 Spider Mountain Climbers (R=1,L=2)

Day 4: Repeat 2x
20 Basic Crunches
20 Bicycle (R,L=1 rep)
20 Butt-Ups
20 Plank Hip Dip R, L (R=1,L=2)
20 Burpees

Day 5: Repeat 2x
20 Jumping Skaters
20 Lateral Lunge R
20 Lateral Lunge L
20 Low squat Jacks (out,in=1 rep)

Day 6: Repeat 2x
20 Forward Alternating Lunges (R=1,L=2)
50 Low Pulses
20 Reverse Alternating Lunges (R=1,L=2)
50 High Knees

Day 7: Repeat 2x
50 Tricep Dips
10 Plank Tap R,L, Frogger
10 Baby Pushups
50 Mountain Climbers

Day 8: Repeat 2x
10 Burpee Plank Dip R, L
20 Basic Crunches Knees to Right Side
20 Basic Crunches Knees to Left Side
20 Cross Over Crunch
20 Tap for Toes

Day 9: Repeat 2x
20 Toes Out Squats
20 Toes Out Explosions
20 Jumping Skaters (R=1,L=2)
20 Toes Out Explosions

Day 10: Repeat 2x
50 Quick Bike (R=1,L=2)
40 Flutter Kicks (R=1,L=2)
30 Basic Crunches
20 Drop Reverse Crunches
10 Full Sit-Ups

Day 11: Repeat 2x
20 Modified Pushups
20 Froggers
20 Plank Drive R/L
20 Burpees

Day 12: Merry Christmas! 
Pick your most challenging day
and repeat 2x

12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge Details

12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge... 
Here's how it works! 
Starting Monday 12/11 there are 12 WEEK DAYS until Christmas Day!! 

A workout will be posted each day on my blog. 
YOUR challenge is to complete all 12 workouts leading up to Christmas!

-Leave a comment once completed as well as any questions, etc. to motivate each other to stay active during the holiday's! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Balance & Moderation throughout the Holiday's

🎄 Tips on maintaining Balance & Moderation this Holiday 🎄
How often do you hear... "Just have one... It's the Holidays"...
Follow these tips to stay on track this holiday season.

1. Remember that saying "NO" is hard. For everyone… 
You are not the only one dealing with the anxiety of situational pressure. Just because the "norm" is to have another drink or piece of pie does not mean you have to participate. Simply say "NO"!! I promise, no one is going to ask you questions or force you to do anything! *Be your real self. 
2. Role-play scenarios you know are coming… 
Plan ahead for situations you know will arise. Someone is going to ask...Why are you on a diet? Why can you not have a drink? Why can't you stay later? Have an answer prepared. A simple no thank you usually does the trick. But, if someone is pushy all you have to say is... I know how it will make me feel, or I am trying to stay on track during the holidays. You can not get a rebuttal to that! *Always speak the truth, and you will come out on top. 
Funny Example: When you are pregnant and have not told anyone yet...Before you go to dinner or a party, you have a plan. You know what you are going to say or know you are going to walk around with a club soda and lime all night! And not get questioned :)
3. Encourage friends to give back and remember what they are grateful for... 
If your fear is looking ungrateful, constantly remind yourself how grateful YOU are. Holiday's can easily turn into hospitality with LOTS of calories and uncomfortable situations. People want you to feel welcome and comfortable, which usually means food, drinks and late nights. On the flip side of that relationship, you don’t want to appear ungrateful and feel obliged to accept. So, let them know what you are grateful for and obligated to (kids, family, plans the following day). If you are doing service work over the holidays, invite them to join. *Gratitude will only spread love. 
4. Respond with values, not outcomes… Responding to uncomfortable situations with your true values will keep you grounded and bring a little light into their lives. 
If the idea of saying, “I might not stop at just one” is scary...
Try using one of these: “I’m trying to do this for myself", “I’m trying to practice a little willpower.”, “I’m trying to stick to my plan.” 
Responding with the values you are trying to embody rather than the outcomes is a great way to show your true character. *Remind yourself what this journey is really about.

*Be your real self* Always speak the truth and you will come out on top* Gratitude will only spread love* Remind yourself what this journey is really about*

Happy Holidays!!! XOXO Haley 💚

Single During the Holiday's...Reasons to be HAPPY!

Single life during the Holidays...

It's that time of the year- you run into old friends, family, distant relatives, and people you have not seen in forever! 
SUDDENLY they are interested in every aspect of your life... 
-The QUESTIONS start firing: Are you dating anyone?  Why not? What is going on with you?  How is your job? And all you want to say is NO COMMENT!!!! 

For me, which a lot of people do not understand- I am very happy with my career,helping people be the best they can be through fitness. It is rewarding and I feel like it is my true calling. This is where I am supposed to be right now and there is a reason! So my goal is to be HAPPY during the holidays and think about all of the positive and great things in my life :) 

5 reasons I believe it is great to be single and dating yourself during the holiday season! 

1. You don't have to compromise... Go to the parties you want with the people you want (the ones that have the best food and booze!). You don't have to split up your time between groups of friends, be you and have fun! Everyone knows the holiday’s are chaotic and you simply can not do it all! 

Create new traditions for yourself... This is a tough one. This year, I am focusing on being happy with being with just me! I have so much to be thankful for and there is no need to get down about not being surrounded by people 100% of my time. So if it means going for a run while everyone else is spending family time, or serving at a local non-profit, or simply spending quiet time with yourself- Do what makes YOU happy!

Spoil Yourself.... YOU DESERVE IT!! You have worked so hard, do something for you that you have been wanting to do and do not feel guilty about it. This will in turn make you a more giving, loving human! 

Take advantage of the Mistletoe... GET OUT. Don't sit at home and sulk (yes I am talking to myself). Mingle, flirt, go to a fun party with a random guy- and there is ALWAYS Mistletoe somewhere!!! 

Remember what you are thankful for... Life if full of happiness, rewards, friendships, success, love and laughter. So embrace it! Try to be the best person you can. Lift others up- which means more to most people than you know. And remember there is a great plan for you. We just all have to get out there and be who we are and it will happen when it is supposed to! 

Happy Holidays. Be you. Be great. Don't hold back! -XOXO Haley

7 Tips on how to beat Holiday Stress

7 Tips on how to beat Holiday Stress…
The Holiday’s can be stressful, but you can make them fun at the same time! Starting in October with Halloween, straight to Thanksgiving, and all the way through the end of December with Christmas, then New Years… Thats over 3 months filled with activities, parties and obligations! 

When you add all of this to your goal of staying healthy and fit while still talking care of your family it takes a tole on you! 
Here are 7 ways that will help you still enjoy the holidays, not forget about yourself, and not feel frustrated or defeated. 

1. Practice the power of “NO”… We all feel the need to attend every event/party/gathering that we are invited to. But sometimes it almost makes you crazy trying to hit all of these gatherings. Pick the ones that are closest to your heart. For the ones you can not attend, simply say NO. You can not make it, thank you for the invitation, maybe next year. No need to lie or make an excuse. Just do what your heart tells you! Wouldn’t you rather be in good spirits when seeing the ones you love instead of it feeling like a burden?

2. Take a day OFF… Instead of trying to cram all of your errands, gift buying, and holiday shopping on the weekends take a week day off of work you have been saving! There will be less traffic, you will feel relaxed and actually get into the Christmas Spirit!

3. Simplify your gift giving… If you have a large family suggest drawing names and buying one special gift instead of trying to pick up random presents that are just a “filler”. Buy something for someone they will actually enjoy using throughout the year.

4. Focus on the Community… Christmas is more than receiving gifts! I get so much joy out of giving gifts, actually I would rather give than receive! Suggest to your family instead of buying gifts for each other sponsor a family and buy gifts for those in need. This will eliminate the stress of making sure each person has the perfect gift and also contribute to a family who needs more than we all do. 

5. Take time for yourself… Skipping your workout is not going to help you accomplish any more during the day. It will actually be in the back of your mind all day that you have not worked out! So get up, get moving, make a list and knock it out! Take care of YOU first, then the rest of the day will fall in place. You will have more energy, focus, and a much better attitude :) 

6. Boost your immune system…. This time of year is a prime time for running your self into the ground and ending up in bed. Make sure to drink lots of water, incorporate good, whole foods in your diet, and get plenty of sleep. You can not neglect yourself- Otherwise it will throw you for a loop! 

7. Make a list and have a plan… You will run circles around town tracking down gifts, etc. Make a list of where you are going and what you want to accomplish and your “errands” will be a lot more enjoyable.

Christmas is not about gift giving or how much you can do. I think we all need to stop and think about the real reason for the season :) -XOXO Haley
-See my blog: for other holiday tips, recipes and workouts

Saturday, December 1, 2018

10 tips to help with not being intimidated at the gym

10 Tips on how to not be intimidated at the gym...

Have you ever walked into a large gym, confused on where to go, and intimidated by all of the people lifting weights? 
Automatically thinking you are surrounded by super hunks and gorgeous women... 

That was ME today and it totally threw me off! I have been in fitness for over 12 years training every different type of person, in charge of their workouts from their form to routine, as well as reassuring the client they are doing things the "right" way in the gym... I knew there was a way to overcome this barrier! 

It was raining, so I decided to go to a local gym which is a franchise so it was busy. There were so many different people, I felt like everyone was staring at me, and I didn't know where anything was. SO... all I knew was to go straight to the thing I felt most comfortable with. The treadmill!!  While running I was planning my workout which consisted of light weights and fat burning cardio exercises. I started to run, looking around the gym for equipment I needed, etc. This made it even worse- people were either in the area I wanted to be in or using a piece of equipment I needed. I felt TOTALLY lost! Long story short... I walked in the gym, ran 7 miles, and walked straight out. The only thing I knew to do! 

10 tips to 
 not being intimidated at the gym... 
1. Overcoming just GOING- You have already made the hardest decision about working out, GOING to the gym!! Most people procrastinate or do not go at all. 
2. Your Not Alone- Everyone in the gym has been in your shoes. They have walked in for the first time and felt that same feeling. 
3. Take a Tour- When you sign up, even though you think you know what you are doing- agree to let the staff take you around and show you the gym. This will help with getting acquainted with equipment and floor placement. 
4. Pay Attention to just YOU- Your workout is YOUR workout. So don't look around at others, compare yourself to others, or let yourself  wonder "I hope they are not watching me". Because I guarantee they are not. 
5. Wear Headphones- Wearing headphones, listening to my music, and getting in the zone helps me stay concentrated. 
6. Have a workout plan- Before going in, know what you want to accomplish by being there
7. Don't be afraid to communicate- This is a tough one because you dont know if a person is using a piece of equipment or just forgot to re-rack the weight (that is the case 90% of the time). You can simply say "are you using this" or "are you in the middle of a set?" And they will kindly let you know. You will also be asked this question often.
8. Take a buddy- Research has shown you get more accomplished and feel more comfortable working out with a friend. 
9, Dont Compromise- Just because someone is using a piece of equipment you need or in the space you need, Don't skip that exercise! Move on to the next one. Then come back. 
10. Have confidence in yourself- If anything, Be confident in the way you carry yourself, watch your form, and be polite... People will think you are a pro! 


-If you need exercises, workout plans, or workout tips you can go to my blog or order my workout DVD at

Email me with any questions! Have a great workout! XO Haley