Saturday, December 16, 2017

7 Ways to have a Healthy Merry Christmas!

The holidays can be a tough time to stick to your "moderate diet" here are some tips to help you through the holiday parties and cocktail hours! 

1. Mindful Snacking- This is one of the main causes of weight gain. Be mindful of what you put in your mouth! If you are at a party you usually "pick" not knowing what you have eaten! So make a plate, eat that and be done! 
2. Alcohol- Alcohol consumption clearly increases over the holidays. Choose wisely. Have a beverage, then a glass of water or soda water. My favorite drink is Vodka and Water or Soda with a lemon or lime... So you are hydrating at the same time! You will thank me the next am :)
3. Moderation- Yes, we all want to enjoy those deserts and unhealthy appetizers. Don't deprive yourself. Have a little and then be DONE! Enjoy a small amount or your will end up eating twice as much later that day! 
4. Stay Active- Get UP and Get MOVING! During the holidays we all get caught up with shopping, family, running around. Make it a point to get out and walk or run first thing in the morning so you do not get distracted during the day and push your exercise off. 
5. Make the Plans- Have friends that want to go to dinner?! Tell them you will make the plans! Make reservations at a restaurant you can make healthy choices, or where every you go you can always customize your own order! (I am queen of that :))
6. Carry a healthy dish- Invited to a holiday party? Tell the host you will bring a dish! Check out recipes on my blog that you can carry, enjoy and not be tempted by the unhealthy dishes. 
7. Prepare- Preparation is KEY! Before going to a party, go ahead and eat dinner! That way you will not be starving, you can make a small plate, and be satisfied! 

Wishing you all a Healthy Merry Christmas! -XOXO Haley

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