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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Quick/Easy ways to squeeze in exercise and healthy habits!

We all are busy, but you can be more productive when you take care of yourself and live a healthy life style.... 

See the link below on ways to make your lifestyle healthy and moderate! In summary...
1. Eating Well and Fueling your body- Take time at the beginning of the week to think about how you can eat healthy on the go. If you have a lunch meeting, schedule it outside and incorporate physical activity. When cooking meals at night, cook extra for the next days lunch, make a grocery list (be prepared when going to the grocery store, or you will end up walking out with a bunch of crap!!!). Plan easy meals that are ready when you get home (use a crockpot and toss everything in before you go to work and you will come home to a healthy dinner. Always think moderation.... Diet is 75% of living a healthy lifestyle. All it takes is a little planning. If you dont have time to shop most gorcery stores not have a delivery service. 

2. Stress Management and Sleep- It is proven that lack of sleep and stress hinder weight loss. Take time for yourself and make sure to rest your body and mind.

3. Think Moderation- No one is expected to be perfect. One small change in your diet will make a huge difference. Find the one thing that will make the biggest difference and challenge yourself to cut that out. 

4. Daily Activities- Think about ways to be more active. Take the stairs, park further away from your destination, get up at work and MOVE, encourage your employees to be active with you. 

Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle is not a hard thing. Preparation and Moderation are key! 

Link to other healthy ideas from Spark People: