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Friday, January 13, 2017

10 Public "Hot Spots" for Germs...

Where do you think we are exposed 
to the most germs on a daily basis?
Curious to know your thoughts- Please share with us!!! 

Personally, my #1 obsession is where I sit my purse down in public places... 
Random, but I inadvertently place my purse 
on some of the NASTIEST surfaces possible without even thinking... 
Public Bathroom Floors, Grocery Store Counters, Shopping Carts, or simply on the ground! Think of all the germs you pick up and bring into your car/house without even knowing!!!

Being in the health field, I am very aware of public places 
and take extra precautions to be as sanitary as I can. 

This article for sure "hit home" for me... Have you ever thought about the places you frequent most and how many germs/bacteria you expose yourself and your kids to?! 

Being flu season, make sure to make the extra effort to 
keep you and your kids as "GERM FREE" as possible! 

Check out the places named "The most public hot spots for germs"

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