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Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 1: Countdown to the 4th Challenge

Day 1: Complete these exercises 2 times as quick as you can with as little rest as possible!

50 Modified Pushups
25 Plank to Pushup R (Hold an elbow plank. Push up with your R hand to full plank then back down with your R hand)
25 Plank to Pushup L
50 Mountain Climbers (R=1, L=2)
50 Tap for your Toes (on your back feet straight up in the air reach your hands to your toes, quick!)
50 Quick Bike (R=1, L=2)
50 Basic Crunches
50 Quick Bike
15 Burpee, Plank Dip R, L (Hands on floor jump feet back, drop R hip to ground then L hip to ground, jump feet back up and explosion)