Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Benefits to Single Life During the Holidays...

It's that time of the year- you run into old friends, family, distant relatives, and people you have not seen in forever! And SUDDENLY they are interested in every aspect of your life... 

-The QUESTIONS start firing: Are you dating anyone?  Why not? What is going on with you?  How is your job? And all you want to say is NO COMMENT!!!! 

For me, which a lot of people do not understand- I am very happy with my career, it is rewarding and I feel like it is my true calling. This is where I am supposed to be right now and there is a reason! So my goal is to be HAPPY during the holidays and think about all of the positive and great things in my life :) 

Here are a few reasons I believe it is great to be single and dating yourself during the holiday season! 

1. You don't have to compromise... Go to the parties you want with the people you want (the ones that have the best food and booze!). You don't have to split up your time between groups of friends, be you and have fun! 

2. Create new traditions for yourself... This is a tough one. But I have learned that I love to be with just me! So if it means going for a run while everyone else is spending family time, or serving at a local non-profit, or simply spending quiet time with yourself- Do what makes YOU happy!

3. Spoil Yourself.... YOU DESERVE IT!! You have worked so hard, do something for you that you have been wanting to do and do not feel guilty about it. 

4. Take advantage of the Mistletoe... GET OUT. Don't sit at home and sulk (yes I am talking to myself). Mingle, flirt, go to a fun party with a random guy- and there is ALWAYS Mistletoe somewhere!!! 

5. Remember what you are thankful for... Life if full of happiness, rewards, friendships, success, love and laughter. So embrace it! Try to be the best person you can. Lift others up- which means more to most people than you know. And remember there is a great plan for you. We just all have to get out there and be who we are and it will happen when it is supposed to! 

Happy Holidays. Be you. Be great. Don't hold back! 

XO Haley

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hard Total Body Workout-Good for traveling

Need a good workout while you are traveling? This made me SO sore and is a great workout. Takes about 40-45 minutes!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Belize... Island Time

We have had the best time in Ambergris Caye Belize! Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly!! Snorkeling, Lobster Diving, Catamaran Excursion, Yoga on the beach, Beach workouts, Great Food, Gorgeous Atmosphere- could not ask for a better week with great friends :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beach Workout

Woke up this am to a gorgeous beach!!! It's hard to run on the beach here so decided to do this quick workout before our day on the boat! 

30 Push-ups
30 Froggers
30 Toes out Low Pulses
30 Toes out Explosions
30 Basic Squats
10 Burpee Plank Dip R/L
50 Tricep Dips
10 Burpee Plank Dip R/L
50 Quick Bike
50 Quick Crunches
50 Cross Over Crunch
-Repeated 3 times then did as many real push-ups as I could! 

Great start to the morning!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Active Wear- All the "excuses" we have to wear it!!!

Women wear workout clothes 90% of the time... No matter what they are doing! #coffeedate #groceryshopping #mani/pedi #showingoffmybaby #cookingdinner #errands #playdate #lounging 

Half probably have not even worked out! 
Go to my web page
and purchase a workout video so your "active wear" is #legit. 

This video explains it pretty well :)