Sunday, June 28, 2015

Total Body Beach Workout with Jogging

Headed to the beach for the 4th?! 
Here is a workout you can do on the beach or anywhere you are staying!

-Comment and let me know how it goes!

Total Body Beach Workout #1

Warmup :
1 mile jog or Jog 5 Min down beach and 5 Min back

Workout:  Repeat 2-3 times depending on time you have...
x50 Walking Lunges (singles)
x40 Jump Squats- squat jump as high as you can and repeat
x30 Speed Skaters (stay low in a squat position and jump side to side from R to L foot keeping balanced is key!)
x20 Quick Squats
x10 Burpee w/a push-up
X 100 Tricep dips (find a chair or ledge)

then...jog 1 mile back to starting point and repeat workout 2-3 times!

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