Monday, February 16, 2015

Let Your Faith Show

This quote has a huge impact on my life- When first hearing about Jersey Belle, Jaime gathered her core group of friends together and shared with us her vision. Impacting women across the country and sharing her journey to help them appreciate themselves and all they have to offer. 

  I remember the day exactly- we were at Overton Park- Jaime knew every person in the park and we could not find a place to chat!!!  Leigh Anne had just gotten a pedicure and we all were commenting on the color, Danielle had her dogs with her and was constantly checking on them :) Scarlett brought a heart felt devotion, Luci was the only one in a suit sweating her ass off- I'm sorry... I was an emotional wreck... of course in workout clothes trying to make it through the day with my 5th cup of coffee, And Arden was in New York. 

 Jaime brought us there to share her vision on reaching out to people, sharing her story, and showing the "true friendships" women should have. The FIRST thing she said was "I don't care if this impacts 1 or 1,000 people I know I am called to reach out to people and help them through everything they are going through- as well as follow their journey through their faith. 

 When I left Overton Park- I was filled with all kinds of emotion- excitement, fear, uncertainty, and most important... A drive to help others. Jaime has a way with words because she speaks with her heart. Everything she says you know she genuinely cares about you.

 All of our friends were going through a tough time. Mine being a breakup, starting a new business at 28 while still managing my current business of 7 years. She assured all of us by following your faith, sharing your passion, and being true to yourself you can accomplish anything.  This quote is very special to me- 
You never know who it will impact, and you have nothing to lose! 
 Jersey Belle taught me so much about myself and made me a stronger woman. So at the end of the day- Be You! You never know who and how it will inspire others. ❤️