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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fit-Tips for your dating life

FIT-Tips for your Dating Life
We all know dating is a daunting task as a single female. Don’t stray from your healthy habits. Here are a few ways to keep you on track while getting out and about and still having fun! 

  1. Watch your beverage intake- We all know a first date can be a little nerve racking, and sometimes we turn to a cocktail to ease some of the tension! Cocktails - in moderation - are fine, just stick with low calorie mixers like water or diet tonic. Most “speciality” drinks on a menu are packed with sugar - watch out for this. And remember to drink a glass of water in between each cocktail to keep you hydrated. 
  2. When looking at the menu you don’t always have to go with a salad-Some salads have more calories than an entree! So choose wisely. If you choose a salad, get one with lean protein and ask for the dressing on the side. Key menu words to look for: steamed, grilled, broiled, or baked. Also, choose items that are packed with veggies. They will fill you up without all the cream sauce and butter.
  3. Create your own dish- When menu options are limited, you can always mix and match! Sub veggies or a healthy side dish instead of a heavy starch. You can customize ANY menu item, you just have to ASK!
  4. You plan the date- Most times a male will ask where would you like to go? You can always say “have you tried this place”... They have some great healthy fresh options, I think you would enjoy it. If you let them know you live a healthy lifestyle from the beginning most times the man will adapt to your suggestions, and there will be fewer “wings and beer” dates.
  5. Share a dish- Sharing is caring, they say. If you are at a restaurant with heavy entrees, you can always opt to share a menu item and order a healthy side. This way you will be eating 1/2 of the dish, and still have your healthy side to enjoy! 
  6. Don’t be too picky- There will be times when you will have to eat that burger (quick tip: take 1/2 of the bun off) or have to adapt to the situation. Don’t beat your self up about it! ‘Cheating’ or falling off the wagon is okay - think of it as a reward. As long as you don’t turn your ‘reward’ into a ‘habit,’ then you’ll be okay.
  7. Enjoy your company- Don’t hound on the food, enjoy your company- Talk and get to know the person. You will find yourself eating less if you are engaged in great conversation. If the date is headed south... Have a cocktail, skip to dessert, have a bite, and GET OUT! 

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