Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hard Total Body, Cardio, Core and Weights Workout
Go through this 3 times as quick as you can. 
Warm Up: 5 min treadmill or whatever just get your body moving!

Female use 10lbs   Male use 15lbs
30 Basic Squats (open hips all the way up)  
15 Explosions (with same weights)
15 Burpee Hammer Curl and Press (with same weights)
30 Alternating Reverse Lunge and Shoulder Press (with same weights)
30 Pushups on Weights
30 Full Sit-Ups with 1 of the weights
15 Bike Bike Butt-Ups
30 Butt-ups (little movements, lower abs)
30 Full Sit-Ups twist R then L (hands on temple)
30 Froggers -Hold a plank jump legs in and back out
30 Tricep Dips 
15 Burpee with a Pushup (just to bring total body all back together)

Good Luck! 

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