Monday, June 30, 2014

Workout w KB, Boxing and Yoga Mat

-You need a 15lb KB, Boxing Gloves, and Mat

Set 1: go through this 2x
Push-ups on Mat x20
Plank to Pushup R x20 Lx20
Mountain Climbers x100
Quick Bike x100
Full Sit-Up x20
Quick Bike x100

Set #2: go through this 2x
Squat and Press KB x20
Alternating Reverse Lunge and Press KB x40
Swoop Lunge R x20 L x20
Walking Skaters w KB at Chest x30

Set 3: go through this 3x
Rapid Fire x50
Explosions x20
Squatted Rapid Fire x50
Low Pulsing Squats x30
Squatted Hooks x50
2 Down 2 up x100

Set #4: go through this 2x
Flurries x100
Plank Taps x50
1-2-3-2 x100 (each punch is 1)
Rapid Fire x100
Froggers x30 (do them!!!)
2 down 2 up x100

Set #5: go through this twice
Basic Crunch x30
Butt Ups x30
Turtle R x30 L x30
Bike Bike Butt up x20

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