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Healthy Meal Ideas

Healthy Meal Ideas! 

BREAKFAST: *Recipes available online
Tips: A protein packed meal at breakfast will fuel you for the day and will jump start your metabolism. Most important meal of the day! Eat something 30 min to 1 hour after waking up.
 -CEREAL: Kashi Go Lean, Multi-Grain Cheerios, Fiber One, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Special K- Protein Plus 
1 cup Oatmeal (Add Splenda, protein powder, berries, or almonds for an extra boost)
Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt with ½ cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Blueberries on top
Frozen Fruit Cup *, Prepared Smoothis *, Egg Fritter *
2 boiled egg whites, 2 egg whites scrambled with peppers and salsa, 2 scrambled egg whites on 1/2 english muffin
1 piece of wheat toast with reduced fat peanut butter or almond butter
1 whole grain english muffin
½ whole grain english muffin with 1 egg white and reduced fat cheese, Bran Muffin *
1 slice banana nut protein muffin *
1 grapefruit, small apple or pear, 1 small apple with peanut butter, Frozen Fruit Cup *
Cottage Cheese and Fruit
Pure Protein Bar, South Beach Diet Bar, Quest Bar
Pre-made Protein Shake: 
Myoplex lite shake, Pure protein shake

Snacks- * Recipes available online
Apple with reduced fat peanut butter,   
Pear, Grapes, Frozen Fruit (pack it for work and snack on it!)
Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt, Only 8 yogurt… Edgewood Creamery
Smoothie (gladiator from smoothie king), Cottage Cheese
1/4 cup hummus with Celery or Carrots, 3 pieces Kavli Crispy Thin (85 calories) 
15 Almonds, 100 Calorie bag of popcorn
1 cup unshelled Edamame, Reduced Fat Triscuit with light laughing cow cheese
4 Slices of deli turkey rolled up (can dip in spicy mustard)
½ can of tuna on 5 Reduced Fat Triscuit
1 Part Skim String Cheese, Quaker Rice Cake

LUNCH *Recipes available online
1 can chicken or tuna on a bed of mixed greens *see dressings below
Lettuce wrap with 5 pieces of low sodium deli turkey and spicy mustard
Open face sandwich(1 piece wheat bread w a piece of cheese and 6 pieces turkey)
Healthy Request Frozen Meal –see frozen meals below
South Beach diet frozen pizza
1 pkg of tuna (in a wrap, on 5 whole wheat crackers, 1 piece of bread, or Tuna Salad *

DINNER*Recipes available online
Salmon/Chicken/Shrimp Salad *,   Grilled Chicken with veggies
Steak Fajitas (no flour tortilla!)     
Chicken Catticatore (wheat pasta or no pasta) just veggies *
Western omelet (peppers,onions,mushrooms)  Chicken & Veggie Kabobs
Baked Fish ,  Tyson pork Tenderloin (lemon pepper or roasted garlic)
Grilled Shrimp, Shrimp/Chicken Fried Rice (with brown rice) with KIKKOMAN 
Taco salad with laura’s lean ground beef, Sliced Chicken over sautéed spinach
Chef Salad-with ham and turkey, egg whites, red. Fat cheese, mushrooms, green onions- 

Light Italian Dressing, Low Sodium KIKKOMAN teriyaki, Greek Seasoning, Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper, Low Sodium Dales, Lemon Garlic Marinade Low Sodium(Lowry’s), Light Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing (KRAFT), Garlic Pepper, Basalmic Vinegar (great on chicken)
Light Italian Dressing, Light Newmans Own Basalmic Vinegar
Light Newmans Own Raspberry Walnut Dressing, Light Kraft Asian Sesame Dressing
Pomegranate Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar (with basil and oregano) * no cals!!!
Basalmic Vinegar with Italian seasoning , Easy make ahead dressings *

GREAT DRINKS:Crystal Light, Lemon Water, Coffee with skim milk, Diet soda (one a day), Diet green tea, Sparkling Water
Steam Fresh Veggies, Lean Cuisine-Grilled Chicken Primavera
Morning Star Spicy Black bean Burger, Kashi Go Lean- Five Cheese Pizza
Healthy Choice-Chicken and Veggies, Lean Cuisine- Grilled Salmon and veggies
Slim a bear 100 cal  Sandwiches
Only 8 yogurt- Edgewood creamery
Breyers no sugar added Ice Cream
Blue Bunny 100 calorie Vanilla Fudge Bar
Sugar Free Popsicle
Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies

No Sugar added yogurt w blueberries

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