Friday, April 4, 2014

Travel Workouts- Total Body

Workout #1:
Run Walk on Treadmill 10 Minutes

Set #1: Go through this twice as quick as you can
Pushups on a ball R hand x20
Pushups on a ball L hand x20
Quick Bike x50
Basic Crunches x50
Full Sit-Ups x20
Mountain Climbers x100 singles
Froggers (where you jump your feet up to elbows and back out) x20
Tricep Dips x30

Set #2: Go through this 3x as quick as you can (you will need 2 8 lb weights and 1 20lb weight)
Squat and Press x20 8 lb weights
Hammer Curl and Press weights Over Head x15 8 lb weights
Explosions x30
Toes Out Basic Squat (Frog Squat) x30 holding 1 20 lb weight between feet
Toes Out Explosions x30

Set #3: Go through this 2x as quick as you can. (You will need 2  5 lb weights)
Swoop Lunge R x20 (hold weight to the R and bend to the R… For your sides)
Swoop Lunge L x20
Alternating Side Bends- (Hold 2 5 lb weights and bend over to the R then over to the L) x30 singles
Rapid Fire with 5 lb weights x100 singles

Run walk more if you can.

Workout #2
Ok with this I want you to go through this as many times as you can in 20 minutes. So this will be hard, but you will get it over with!!! No weight on any of this just want you to do it quick!! 

Basic Squat x20
Jumping Skaters x30 Singles
Toes Out Squats x20
Reverse Lunge R Leg x20
Reverse Lunge L Leg x20
Burpee x10
Pushups x20
Plank to Pushup R Hand x15
Plank to Pushup L Hand x15
Tricep Dips x30
Basic Crunch x30
Quick Bike x30
Basic Crunch x30
Tricep Dips x30 (yes again)
Plank Jack, Frogger x10 (start in a plank, jump legs out and back in then up to elbows and back out

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