Tuesday, January 14, 2014

At Home Workout w Bosu Ball, 3 & 5 Pound Weights

Great At Home Workout- if you don't have bosu ball you can do these exercises on the ground.

Warm-Up on Treadmill-OR Jump Rope 5-10 min

-Go through this 2-3 times as quick as you can!
30 Modified Pushups on Bosu
30 Plank to Pushup R on Bosu
30 Plank to Pushup L on Bosu
30 Palms Open Bicep Curls from Knees (hold your arms out by your side with your palms up, curl 5 lb weights in and back out toward your shoulder. KEY: extend arms all the way out every repetition.
30 Shoulder Press from Knees 5 lbs
30 Tricep Pushups on Bosu (start laying on Bosu with hands by your chest, push up keeping elbows in!!!)
30 Full Sit-Ups on Bosu with 2  5 lb weights held straight up (reach up to the ceiling each time)
30 Sit Up Twist R then L holding 2  5 lb weights at your chest, keep your elbows out and away from chest so you work shoulders too!
On all 4's balancing on Bosu (work with me here!)
30 Super Man (extend R arm out and L leg back at the same time reaching out as far as you can, repeat on other side.
15 out and back R Leg (yes still on bosu)
30 pulse up toward ceiling R Leg
15 out and back L Leg
30 pulse up L leg
30 Baby Crunches on bosu- lower hips almost to the bottom of boss and contract core. do little crunches
30 slow bike on bosu- sit up on top of the bosu and bike R and L. do these slow and focus on your core!

Good Luck!

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