Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pregnancy Total Body Workout

Here is a great total body workout for those expecting :) Pace yourself!!

Go through this 3 times as quick as you can!

Modified Pushups on the ground x30
Plank Taps (Hold a plank, tap R hand to L shoulder then L hand to R shoulder-repeat) x30 singles
Plank to Pushup x20 R x20 L
With 5lb Weights:
Rapid Fire x100 (square up)
Flurries x100 (boxing stance)
Lateral Raise x30 (out to side)
Alternating Side Bends x30
Squat and Press with a Jump if you can! x30
Alternating Side Bends x30
Shoulder Press x30 (over head)
Rapid Fire x100 (square up)
With 8lbs or 10lbs:
Basic Squat with a curl x30
Explosions with weights rested at shoulders x20 (or low pulsing squats)
Frog Squats with weights between legs x20 (toes out squat down and back up sticking rear out!)
Skaters with weights rested on Shoulders x30 singles (step R and take L leg back then repeat)
Squat and Press x30

Good Luck!!

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