Saturday, August 17, 2013

Modified Workout- Arms and Core

30 Modified Push-ups
30 Plank to Push-up R
30 Plank to Push-up L
30 Tricep Push-ups
30 Plank Taps (hold a plank tap R hand to L shoulder then L hand to R shoulder. That's one Rep.)
30 Bicep Curls from Knees- Palms over twist up and back down 8lbs
30 Shoulder Press 8lbs
30 Push-up row R then L (each row counts as 1 rep)
30 basic Crunches
30 basic butt ups
30 slow bike
30 tap for toes
30 cross over crunch (lay flat w arms and legs extended lift up bring R hand to L foot then back down and repeat on other side)
30 turtle R
30 turtle L
30 quick basic crunches

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