Saturday, August 17, 2013

Modified Boxing and Leg Workout

100 single Rapid Fire
100 Single Flurries
100 single high flurries
50 1's (R Hand)
50 2's (L Hand)
30 Lateral Raises (out to side)
30 front raises (to front)
30 alternating side bends
30 out and back on all 4's R
30 pulse up R
30 fire hiedrant R
Repeat on L
30 bridge up on ball or bench (put feet on ball or bench lift hips up and back down)
30 bridge up R
30 bridge up L
30 basic crunch feet on ball or bench
30 full sit ups reach to R back down then reach to L
30 bike bike butt ups
30 reverse crunch (feet at 90 degrees take them out then back in and do a butt up)
30 push-ups

Repeat twice

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