Thursday, August 22, 2013

Arm Workout for Pregnant Ladies :)

This is a great workout that will keep your arms lean and tone while pregnant! 

Go through this 2 times:
With 5lb Weights
Rapid Fire x100 Singles (square up)
Shoulder Press x30 (overhead)
Alternating Side Bends x30 Singles
Flurries x100 Singles (boxing stance)
1's x30 (L Arm)
2's x30 (R Arm)
Lateral Raise x30 (out to side)
Core Twist (Hold weights at your chest, elbows out, twist R then L keeping elbows up at chest) x50 Singles
Wood Chops R (Hold weights on Right Side add a squat if wanted. Squat and pull weights across body then back down) x30 R x30 L
Rapid Fire x100 Singles
Tricep Overhead (hold both weights together overhead and take down and back up) x30
Tricep Kickbacks (bent over kick weights back and then in, keep elbows by side) x30
Tricep Overhead x30
Modified Pushups on weights or on ground x30

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