Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ankle Sprain? Here is a modified workout!

Modified Workout... Ankle Sprain-You can still workout!!! 

Pushups on Weights 2x30
Palms over Bicep Curl 2x20 8lbs
Hammer Curl and Press Over Head 2x10 8lbs
Palms Up Bicep Curl 2x20 8lbs
Single Shoulder Press 2x30 singles 8lbs (hold weights at shoulders press R up then L)
Tricep Pushups 2x20

Full Situps with Medicine Ball 2x30  10lbs
Weighted Butt-Up 2x30 (place 3-5lb med ball in between knees. Lift butt up and back down using lower abs)
Weighted Reverse Crunch 2x20 (keep 3-5lb med ball in between knees. Extend heels out to touch the ground then back in and do a buttup)
Basic Crunch 2x30 (keep ball between legs for additional inner thigh work)
Bike Bike Butt-Up 2x20
Cross Over Crunch 2x30 Singles (lay flat on back arms and legs extended. Reach R arm to Left toe and sit up! Then repeat on other side)

Bridge Up on Med Ball 2x50 (lay on back place bottom of feet on med ball, lift hips up and back down. Recruit lower abs)
Single Leg Bridge Up R and L 2x20
Pulse Up 2x30 R then L (turn over and you will be on hands and knees. Pulse R leg back reaching heal to ceiling 30 times then repeat on L)
Super Mans 2x30 Singles (on all 4’s have 2 5lb weights in your hands. Extend R arm out and L leg back at the same time- focus on your core! Then repeat on L side)
Bicycle 2x100
Basic Crunch 2x50

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