Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ankle Sprain? At Home Modified BOXING Workout

Modified Workout... Boxing workout you can do from home  if you have an ankle injury!

Pushup Row R then L 2x30 8lbs
Rapid Fire 2x100 singles 5lbs
High Flurries 2x100 singles 5lbs
1’s 2x30 (R hand) 5lbs
2’s 2x30 (L hand)  5lbs
Flurries 2x50 5lbs
Shoulder Press 2x30 5lbs
Plank to Pushup 2x20 R  2x20 L
Plank Taps 2x50 singles (in a modified plank, tap R hand to L shoulder then repeat. Try to keep your hips as still as you can)

Deadlift 2x30 2 15lb weights
Teapots 2x30 singles (hold weights by your side and reach down to the R then L)
Swoop Lunge 15lbs 2x20 R then 2x20 L(hold 15lb weight in R hand and turn R toe slightly out. Reach weight down to ground then back up!)
Kettle Bell Swings 2x30 15lb KB or Dumbell

On all 4’s
Out and Back R 2x30
Pulse Up R 2x30
Fire Hydrant (just out to side) R 2x20
Pulsing kick out (bring leg out to the side and just kick out) R 2x20
Repeat on L leg. Do all of the R leg first then move to the L leg

Slow Bike 2x50
Turtle R 2x30 Turtle L 2x30 (hold R hand behind head and with the other hand reach for your L heal. Reach L hand to L heal)
Full Situp Twist R back down Full Situp Twist L 2x30 singles (keep hands at your temple)
Side Bend Machine 2x30 R 2x30 L 10lb weight

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