Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lake Workout Shayne and Kristin

Lake Workout:
30 Modified Push-ups
30 Plank to Pushup R
30 Plank to Push-up L
30 Full Sit Ups
100 Basic Bike
30 Turtle R 
30 Turtle L
30 Cross Over Crunch
30 Out and Back R
30 Pulse Up R
30 Fire Hydrant R (just out to side)
30 Out and Back L
30 Pulse up L
30 Fire Hydrant L
50 Bridge Ups Both Feet (put feet on bench, float, tube) lay in back lift hips up and back down
25 Bridge Ups R
25 Bridge ups L
25 Full Sit Ups twist R back down then L

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pregnancy Total Body Workout

Here is a great total body workout for those expecting :) Pace yourself!!

Go through this 3 times as quick as you can!

Modified Pushups on the ground x30
Plank Taps (Hold a plank, tap R hand to L shoulder then L hand to R shoulder-repeat) x30 singles
Plank to Pushup x20 R x20 L
With 5lb Weights:
Rapid Fire x100 (square up)
Flurries x100 (boxing stance)
Lateral Raise x30 (out to side)
Alternating Side Bends x30
Squat and Press with a Jump if you can! x30
Alternating Side Bends x30
Shoulder Press x30 (over head)
Rapid Fire x100 (square up)
With 8lbs or 10lbs:
Basic Squat with a curl x30
Explosions with weights rested at shoulders x20 (or low pulsing squats)
Frog Squats with weights between legs x20 (toes out squat down and back up sticking rear out!)
Skaters with weights rested on Shoulders x30 singles (step R and take L leg back then repeat)
Squat and Press x30

Good Luck!!

Arm Workout for Pregnant Ladies :)

This is a great workout that will keep your arms lean and tone while pregnant! 

Go through this 2 times:
With 5lb Weights
Rapid Fire x100 Singles (square up)
Shoulder Press x30 (overhead)
Alternating Side Bends x30 Singles
Flurries x100 Singles (boxing stance)
1's x30 (L Arm)
2's x30 (R Arm)
Lateral Raise x30 (out to side)
Core Twist (Hold weights at your chest, elbows out, twist R then L keeping elbows up at chest) x50 Singles
Wood Chops R (Hold weights on Right Side add a squat if wanted. Squat and pull weights across body then back down) x30 R x30 L
Rapid Fire x100 Singles
Tricep Overhead (hold both weights together overhead and take down and back up) x30
Tricep Kickbacks (bent over kick weights back and then in, keep elbows by side) x30
Tricep Overhead x30
Modified Pushups on weights or on ground x30

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cancun Sunday Workout

4 mile run on the beach followed by:
30 Basic Squats
30 Explosions
30 Toes Out Squats
30 Toes Out Explosions
30 Push-ups 
Repeat Twice.
Now time to play :))

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Modified Boxing and Leg Workout

100 single Rapid Fire
100 Single Flurries
100 single high flurries
50 1's (R Hand)
50 2's (L Hand)
30 Lateral Raises (out to side)
30 front raises (to front)
30 alternating side bends
30 out and back on all 4's R
30 pulse up R
30 fire hiedrant R
Repeat on L
30 bridge up on ball or bench (put feet on ball or bench lift hips up and back down)
30 bridge up R
30 bridge up L
30 basic crunch feet on ball or bench
30 full sit ups reach to R back down then reach to L
30 bike bike butt ups
30 reverse crunch (feet at 90 degrees take them out then back in and do a butt up)
30 push-ups

Repeat twice
Modified Workout- Arms and Core

30 Modified Push-ups
30 Plank to Push-up R
30 Plank to Push-up L
30 Tricep Push-ups
30 Plank Taps (hold a plank tap R hand to L shoulder then L hand to R shoulder. That's one Rep.)
30 Bicep Curls from Knees- Palms over twist up and back down 8lbs
30 Shoulder Press 8lbs
30 Push-up row R then L (each row counts as 1 rep)
30 basic Crunches
30 basic butt ups
30 slow bike
30 tap for toes
30 cross over crunch (lay flat w arms and legs extended lift up bring R hand to L foot then back down and repeat on other side)
30 turtle R
30 turtle L
30 quick basic crunches

Reasons to be FIT-Great elliptical workout...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ankle Sprain? At Home Modified BOXING Workout

Modified Workout... Boxing workout you can do from home  if you have an ankle injury!

Pushup Row R then L 2x30 8lbs
Rapid Fire 2x100 singles 5lbs
High Flurries 2x100 singles 5lbs
1’s 2x30 (R hand) 5lbs
2’s 2x30 (L hand)  5lbs
Flurries 2x50 5lbs
Shoulder Press 2x30 5lbs
Plank to Pushup 2x20 R  2x20 L
Plank Taps 2x50 singles (in a modified plank, tap R hand to L shoulder then repeat. Try to keep your hips as still as you can)

Deadlift 2x30 2 15lb weights
Teapots 2x30 singles (hold weights by your side and reach down to the R then L)
Swoop Lunge 15lbs 2x20 R then 2x20 L(hold 15lb weight in R hand and turn R toe slightly out. Reach weight down to ground then back up!)
Kettle Bell Swings 2x30 15lb KB or Dumbell

On all 4’s
Out and Back R 2x30
Pulse Up R 2x30
Fire Hydrant (just out to side) R 2x20
Pulsing kick out (bring leg out to the side and just kick out) R 2x20
Repeat on L leg. Do all of the R leg first then move to the L leg

Slow Bike 2x50
Turtle R 2x30 Turtle L 2x30 (hold R hand behind head and with the other hand reach for your L heal. Reach L hand to L heal)
Full Situp Twist R back down Full Situp Twist L 2x30 singles (keep hands at your temple)
Side Bend Machine 2x30 R 2x30 L 10lb weight

Ankle Sprain? Here is a modified workout!

Modified Workout... Ankle Sprain-You can still workout!!! 

Pushups on Weights 2x30
Palms over Bicep Curl 2x20 8lbs
Hammer Curl and Press Over Head 2x10 8lbs
Palms Up Bicep Curl 2x20 8lbs
Single Shoulder Press 2x30 singles 8lbs (hold weights at shoulders press R up then L)
Tricep Pushups 2x20

Full Situps with Medicine Ball 2x30  10lbs
Weighted Butt-Up 2x30 (place 3-5lb med ball in between knees. Lift butt up and back down using lower abs)
Weighted Reverse Crunch 2x20 (keep 3-5lb med ball in between knees. Extend heels out to touch the ground then back in and do a buttup)
Basic Crunch 2x30 (keep ball between legs for additional inner thigh work)
Bike Bike Butt-Up 2x20
Cross Over Crunch 2x30 Singles (lay flat on back arms and legs extended. Reach R arm to Left toe and sit up! Then repeat on other side)

Bridge Up on Med Ball 2x50 (lay on back place bottom of feet on med ball, lift hips up and back down. Recruit lower abs)
Single Leg Bridge Up R and L 2x20
Pulse Up 2x30 R then L (turn over and you will be on hands and knees. Pulse R leg back reaching heal to ceiling 30 times then repeat on L)
Super Mans 2x30 Singles (on all 4’s have 2 5lb weights in your hands. Extend R arm out and L leg back at the same time- focus on your core! Then repeat on L side)
Bicycle 2x100
Basic Crunch 2x50