Friday, July 26, 2013

Non Weighted Arm and Core Workout (Peggi this is for you and your sis!)

Walk 15 Min

Go through this twice!
Basic Crunch x30
Butt-Ups (lift lower abs only) x50
Drop R Leg Drop L Leg recruiting lower abs x30 singles
Turtle to the R x 30 Lx30 (one hand behind head, reach for opposite heal)
Slow Bicycle x50

On all 4's:
Out and Back with R Leg x20 Lx20
Pulse Up- Flex foot and pulse up towards the sky R x30 Lx30

Flip Over:
Modified Pushups x20
Plank Taps (on your knees tap R hand to L shoulder and then repeat on other side. Keep hips still!! ) x30 singles
Tricep Dips (on a bench or side of the couch, dip down and back up) x30

Alternating Side Bends (feet shoulder width apart, reach all the way over to the Right and then back all the way to the L) working your sides x30 singles
Calf Raises toes forward x30
Calf Raises toes out x30
Calf Raises toes in x30

Good Luck!!! H

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Beach Workout

St.John Workout...
Run 1 Mile
50 Burpees
50 Froggers
50 Mountain Climbers
50 Tricep Dips
25 Push-ups
Run 1 Mile
-Do this twice!!!