Monday, June 3, 2013

Lunch Workouts!

Workout #1:
Weighted Legs:
Go through each set twice then move to the next
20 Basic Squats 15lbs
20 Lateral Lunges R  1  15lb weight at chest
20 Lateral Lunges L  1   15lb weight at chest
20 Frog Squats  1  20lb weight between legs (inner thigh)

10 Reverse Lunge and Kick R Leg -Holding 2 10lb weights at side
10 Reverse Lunge and Kick L Leg-  Holding 2 10lb weights at side
20 Basic Squat with a Curl 2 10lb weights
30 Walking Lunges with a Pulse  2 10lb weights

30 Teapot R and L holding 2 15lb weights 
30 Twist with 10lb Weight (Keep it low and hips forward)
30 Single Alternating Side Bends

Workout #2. Arms and Core
-Walk on treadmill  High Incline 5 Min
Go through this 2x
30 Pushups on Weights
30 Basic Crunches
30 Slow Bike
30 Butt-Ups
30 Turtle R
30 Turtle L
100 Single Rapid Fire
30 Single Shoulder Press
30 Lateral Raises
100 Single Flurries
20 Bicep Curls Palms Over 10lbs
20 Shoulder Press 10lbs
20 Tricep Kickbacks 10lbs

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