Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robins & Morton Workouts 5/14 and 5/16

Workout 1: 5/14
Squat and Press 2x30 5lbs
Rapid Fire 2x100 singles 5 lbs
Shoulder Press 2x30 5lbs
Squatted Rapid Fire 2x100 singles 5lbs
Pulsing Squats w weights at chest 2x30 5lbs
Basic Squat 2x30 weights by side 5lbs

Push-up with a Row 2x30 5lbs
Lateral Raise from knees 2x30 5lbs
Basic Push-up 2x30
Cross Over Crunch 2x30 5lbs lay on back arms extended crunch all the way up bring R hand to L Toe then alternate 
Slow Bike 2x50
Basic Crunch 2x50

Bicep Curls palms up and out by shoulders- 2x20 raise arms to shoulder level palms up and curl weights in and back out
Flurries 2x100 singles 5lbs
Alternating Side Bends 2x30 5lbs
Tricep Overhead-weights over head take behind head and back up 2x20 2 5lb weights 

Basic Butt Up 2x30
Quick Bike 2x100
Turtle R 2x20
Turtle L 2x20

Workout 2: 5/16
All of this whole workout is w 5lb weights 
Rapid Fire 2x100 singles
Flurries 2x100 singles
1's 2x50
2's 2x50
Lateral Raise 2x30
Shoulder Press 2x30
Tricep Kickbacks 2x30
Push-ups 2x50

Toes out Squat 2x30
Lateral Lunge R 2x30 L 2x30
Basic Squat 2x30
Out and Back on Mat 2x20 R then L
Pulse Back R and L 2x20 (after kick backs on each leg)
Toes out Pulsing Squats 2x30

One Arm Windmill 2x20 R and L
KB swings w 2 5 lb weights 2x30
WoodChop R 2x20 L 2x20
Bike bike butt up 2x20
Feet straight up drop R then L leg 2x30 singles
Basic Buttup feet straight up 2x30

Back to 1st arm set do it once :)

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