Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Non Weighted Arm and Core Workout (Beach Workout!!!

No Weight Arm and Core Workout-
Great for if you are traveling or at the beach!

Do this 2x-
Pushups x30
Plank to Pushup x20 R x20 L
Plank Taps x30 (Plank Tap R shoulder then L Shoulder)
Cross Over Crunch x30 (On back, raise up bring R Hand to L toe then L hand to R Toe)
Tap For Toes x30
Slow Bike x50
Tap For Toes x30
Full Sit-Up x20
Flutters x30(feet 6 inches above ground flutter)
Slow Bike x50
Tricep Pushup x20 (keep elbows in, and push down and back up)
Walking Pushups x 20 (start in plank move R Pushup then back L)
Arm Circles:Small Forward :30
Small Backwards X:30
Flutters x:30(hads to to side flutter up and down) 
Push Forward x 30 (palms forward push Forward)
Palms backwards x30 (palms backwards push backwards)
Full Circles Forward x30
Full Clicles Backward x 30
Light Bulbs (hand up above head twist on and off) x50

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