Saturday, May 11, 2013

Workout 4-9-13 Robins and Morton
Do this 3 times as quick as you can!
Jog to Cone and Back
30 Pushups
30 Basic Crunches
30 Slow Bike
30 Tap for Toes (feet straight up hands reaching for toes)
30 Basic Buttup (feet at 90 degrees lift butt up and back down… lower ab)
30 Plank Taps (Plank Tap R hand to L shoulder and L hand to R shoulder) 
100 Single Rapid Fire 5lbs
100 Single Flurries (one foot back)  5lbs
30 Shoulder Press (over head)
30 Squat and Press 5lbs
30 Walking Lunges with 5lbs
Jog to Cone and Back
30 Explosions or Quick Squats
30 Froggers or Plank R and then L Leg in
30 Alternating Side Bends (weights at shoulders bend to the R and then bend to the L)

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