Thursday, May 30, 2013

Row-Box-Kettlebell Workout. TOTAL BODY

Love this workout! Total body fat burn... Good Luck!! 
-If you do not have access to row machine you can walk on treadmill incline of 5 speed of 4.

Warm Up:
5:00 Row Machine
2:00 Jump Rope
5:00 Row Machine

straight from row machine from warm up to this workout with little rest!!! 
1:00 Battle Rope Single (on tire)
1:00 Frog Squat with a Row 25lb KB
1:00 Battle Rop Double (on tire)
1:00 Deadlift 25lb KB
1:00 Frog Squat with a Row 25lb KB
2:00 Walking Lunges with Shoulder Press
1:00 TRX Pull Up
2:00 Walking Lunge with Shoulder Press
1:00 TRX Pull Up

Boxing Gloves On:
-Do this twice
Rapid Fire (square up on bag) :30
Explosions :30
Squatted Rapid Fire :30
Plyo Lunges :30
Flurries (boxing stance one foot back) :30
Froggers :30
Flurries :30
Burpees 1:00
Rest 1:00 and Repeat

-Do this twice
KB Swings :30 20 lb KB
Squat and Press KB R :30 15lbs
Squat and Press KB L :30 15lbs
Explosions with 15lb KB :30
Swoop Lunge R :30 with 15lb KB
Swoop Lunge L :30 with 15lb KB

If time left:
Row 2:00
Mountain Climbers on Bosu 1:00
Jump Rope 1:00
Row 2:00

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robins & Morton Workouts 5/14 and 5/16

Workout 1: 5/14
Squat and Press 2x30 5lbs
Rapid Fire 2x100 singles 5 lbs
Shoulder Press 2x30 5lbs
Squatted Rapid Fire 2x100 singles 5lbs
Pulsing Squats w weights at chest 2x30 5lbs
Basic Squat 2x30 weights by side 5lbs

Push-up with a Row 2x30 5lbs
Lateral Raise from knees 2x30 5lbs
Basic Push-up 2x30
Cross Over Crunch 2x30 5lbs lay on back arms extended crunch all the way up bring R hand to L Toe then alternate 
Slow Bike 2x50
Basic Crunch 2x50

Bicep Curls palms up and out by shoulders- 2x20 raise arms to shoulder level palms up and curl weights in and back out
Flurries 2x100 singles 5lbs
Alternating Side Bends 2x30 5lbs
Tricep Overhead-weights over head take behind head and back up 2x20 2 5lb weights 

Basic Butt Up 2x30
Quick Bike 2x100
Turtle R 2x20
Turtle L 2x20

Workout 2: 5/16
All of this whole workout is w 5lb weights 
Rapid Fire 2x100 singles
Flurries 2x100 singles
1's 2x50
2's 2x50
Lateral Raise 2x30
Shoulder Press 2x30
Tricep Kickbacks 2x30
Push-ups 2x50

Toes out Squat 2x30
Lateral Lunge R 2x30 L 2x30
Basic Squat 2x30
Out and Back on Mat 2x20 R then L
Pulse Back R and L 2x20 (after kick backs on each leg)
Toes out Pulsing Squats 2x30

One Arm Windmill 2x20 R and L
KB swings w 2 5 lb weights 2x30
WoodChop R 2x20 L 2x20
Bike bike butt up 2x20
Feet straight up drop R then L leg 2x30 singles
Basic Buttup feet straight up 2x30

Back to 1st arm set do it once :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Workout 4-9-13 Robins and Morton
Do this 3 times as quick as you can!
Jog to Cone and Back
30 Pushups
30 Basic Crunches
30 Slow Bike
30 Tap for Toes (feet straight up hands reaching for toes)
30 Basic Buttup (feet at 90 degrees lift butt up and back down… lower ab)
30 Plank Taps (Plank Tap R hand to L shoulder and L hand to R shoulder) 
100 Single Rapid Fire 5lbs
100 Single Flurries (one foot back)  5lbs
30 Shoulder Press (over head)
30 Squat and Press 5lbs
30 Walking Lunges with 5lbs
Jog to Cone and Back
30 Explosions or Quick Squats
30 Froggers or Plank R and then L Leg in
30 Alternating Side Bends (weights at shoulders bend to the R and then bend to the L)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miami Workouts on the BEACH!

These are great to do if you do not have much time or want a cardio, fat burning challenge!

Miami Workouts:
#1  Great Cardio Workout if you are at the beach, ect. Can do anywhere!
Total Body no weighs:

-Go thought this twice as quick as you can
50 Single Walking Lunes
50 Explosions
30 Quick Squats
30 Toes Out Squats
30 Squat and Tap (toes out jump in and back in)
20 Plyo Lunges ( 1,1, 2,2)
20 Revere Lunge R
20 Reverse Lunge L
20 Skater ( R and then L is one) Jump if you can! 
30 Lateral Lunge R (feet wider than Sh width apret) 20 L
20 Skaters (R and then L is one) Jump if you can
50 Jog in Place
30 Pushups Modified
100 Single Mountain Climbers
30 Forgers
50 Jog in place Knees up!!
50 basic Crunches
50 sow bike
50 Tap for toes

Miami workout #2
Abs: Do this once
5 min on click. do this over and over for 5 min. As many times as you can!
Bais Crunch x5
Slow Blike x20
Basic Buttup 20

Workout: Do this twice 
Pushups x 20
Froggerx x20 
Burpee with a pushup x20
Explsions x20
Squat and touch x20
Walking Lunge x 100
Reverse Lunge R x20
Reverse Lunge L x20
Skaters x50
Lateral Lunge R x30
Lateral Lunge L x30
Low Frog Squat x30
Frog Jumps x30
Mounatin Climbers x 100
Frog Jumps x30

Workout # 3 Miami
Workout: Do this 3x
Plank Jack, Frogger x 20
Mountain Climbers x 100 Singles
Full Sit-Ups x 30
Basic Squat x30
Pulsing Squat x30
Tuck Jumps x30
JJ with Calf Grab x30
Bike Bike Butt-up x30
Turtle R x30
Turtle L x30

Workout #4 Miami BOXING
Do each set twice then move to the next. You will need 5 lb weights
100 Single Rapid Fire
30 Shoulder Press
30 Single Victory Lunges (stand with palms up, reverse lunge on R leg bringing arms over head, bring foot back up and repeat on left)
100 JJ with Weights
100 Single Flurries

30 Squat and Press
30 Stationary Lunge and Flurry R
30 Stationary Lunge and Flurry L
30 Explosions with weight at chest

30 Pushup with a Row
100 Single Rapid Fire from Knees
15 Plank to Pushup R
15 Plank to Pushup L

30 Basic Crunches
30 Full Situps
30 Bike Bike Buttup 

Non Weighted Arm and Core Workout (Beach Workout!!!

No Weight Arm and Core Workout-
Great for if you are traveling or at the beach!

Do this 2x-
Pushups x30
Plank to Pushup x20 R x20 L
Plank Taps x30 (Plank Tap R shoulder then L Shoulder)
Cross Over Crunch x30 (On back, raise up bring R Hand to L toe then L hand to R Toe)
Tap For Toes x30
Slow Bike x50
Tap For Toes x30
Full Sit-Up x20
Flutters x30(feet 6 inches above ground flutter)
Slow Bike x50
Tricep Pushup x20 (keep elbows in, and push down and back up)
Walking Pushups x 20 (start in plank move R Pushup then back L)
Arm Circles:Small Forward :30
Small Backwards X:30
Flutters x:30(hads to to side flutter up and down) 
Push Forward x 30 (palms forward push Forward)
Palms backwards x30 (palms backwards push backwards)
Full Circles Forward x30
Full Clicles Backward x 30
Light Bulbs (hand up above head twist on and off) x50