Friday, March 15, 2013

No Jumping... Total Body Workout

Warm Up-
20 Basic Squats
20 Frog Squats (Toes Out)
20 Lateral Lunges R 
20 Lateral Lunges L
20 Pushups 
20 Tricep Dips

Do this 2 times as quick as you can with as little rest as possible!
20 Squat Hammer Curl and Press 8lbs
20 Basic Squats 8lbs
20 Frog Squats 8lbs
20 Frog Squat with a Row 8lbs
100 Single Rapid Fire 5lbs
20 Lateral Raises 5lbs
30 Alternating Side Bends 5lbs
100 Single Flurries 5lbs
30 Shoulder Press 5lbs
10 Single Rapid Fire 5lbs
30 LOW Squats no weight
15 Pulsing Squats  no weight
30 LOW squats no weight
30 Basic Crunch
50 Slow Bike
30 Tap for toes
15 Bike Bike Buttup
30 Basic Crunch

Weighted Workout #2

Do this twice:
30 Basic Crunch
30 Cross Over Crunch
30 Turtle R
30 Turtle L
50 Slow Bike
15 Bike Bike Crunch

Modified Pushups 2x20
Plank to Pushup R 2x20
Plank to Pushup L 2x20 
Plank Taps (Plank tap R hand to L shoulder then L hand to R shoulder) 2x30 singles
20 Tricep Pushups (elbows in!)

On mat on your knees:
Bicep Curl 2x20 8lbs
Shoulder Press 2x20 8lbs
On all 4's Row R then Row L 2x30 Singles 8lbs
On all 4's Out and Back with Legs 2x20
Pulse Back R Leg x30, L Leg x20
Plank Bring R leg into R elbow then L Leg into L elbow 2x30 singles

Teapots 2x30 (bend weights to R then L by your side) 2 15lb weights
Wood Chop R 2x20 Wood Chop L 2x20 15lb weight
Squat and Press R 2x20 15lbs
Squat and Press L 2x20 15lbs
Swoop Lunge 2x20 R 15lbs
Swoop Lunge 2x20 L 15lbs

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