Sunday, February 24, 2013

Traveling Workout

Jump Rope 3x1:00
Pushups on the mat 3x15 (real ones!)

Walking Lunges with a Curl- Step Out and lunge and on the way back up curl the weights up 2x24singles 8lbs
Bicep Curl and Press-Palms up. Curl the weights up and then press up 2x15 8lbs
Side Taps- Stand with one side to a wall. Squat and tap up with R hand. Twist in your core a little bit 2x10 R side. Turn the other way and repeat on L side

-for this set you will be on your knees on a yoga mat the whole time
Pushup with a row- on your knees. Push up then row weights up 2x15 8lbs
Reverse Fly- Hold weights in front of you and fly back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. 2x15 8lbs
Woodchops from your knees- Low to high. Swing the weight 2x15 each side
Mountain Climbers 2x50 singles

2 way raise- out to the side and up to the front 3x15 5 or 8lbs
Jumping Jacks with weights 3x20 5lbs
Keep 5lbs in your hands and do as many lateral raises as you can!!! Squeeze your core!!
Straight into… Lower ab throws with 2 5lb weights 3x15
-do this set really quick

Tricep Dips 2x20
Butt-ups on the Bench 2x50
Tricep Overhead 2x20 10 lbs-seated on bench
Tricep Overhead Throw 2x15 2 5lb weights

Basic Squat 2x20 no weight
Explosions 2x20
Squat and Press 2xas many as you can 8lbs J

Full Sit Ups 2x50
Butt-ups 2x50

Basic Bike 2x50
Bike Bike Butt-up 2x20
Butt-ups… feet straight up in the air 2x50

Side Crunch 2x30 Rside
Side Crunch 2x30 Lside
Turtle- hands by your side and reach for your heals while moving your sides!!!

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