Sunday, February 24, 2013

Total Body Workout

Warm up:
30 quick squats
30 explosions
30 froggers
30 mountain climbers
30 burpees

15 Push-Ups
:30 Mtn Climb
:30 Plank
30 quick Squats
30 Explosions
1:00 Wall Sit (while doing rapid fire with 5lbs)
Swiss ball curls x20... Heels on med ball legs extended roll in and back out keeping hips raised
Swiss ball raises x20... Feet on ball lift butt up and back down
Dead lifts with 2 15lb dumbells x20
Butt kick jumps x30
Bicep Curls x 30 8lbs
Hammer and press 5lbs x20
High knees holding 5lb weights over head 1:00
Sit ups: as many as you can, at least 75
Straight into plank 1:00!!

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