Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ploy Workout

Cardio circuit:
Jump Rope 1:00
Calf Raises :30
Explosions :30
Jumping Jacks :30
Low Squats 30
Jump Rope 1:00
Squat and Touch :30
Butt Kicks :30

Lateral Raise 2x20 5lbs
Front Raise 2x20 5lbs
Rotational Swings 2x20 2 5lb weights
Jumping Jacks with weights 2x50
Bicep Curl 2x20 8lbs
Burpees with 2 8lb weights (go down press back jump up and press weights up) 2x10
Bicep Curl and Press 2x20 8lbs

Tricep Dips 2x20 with feet on ball
Lower Ab throws 2x20 10lbs
Tricep Dips 2x20 with feet on ball
Squat and Press 2x30 5lb weights

Repeat cardio circuit

Basic Squat 2x20 8lbs
Skaters 2x20 (step over with the R foot and bring left foot behind you) Jumping side to side
Squat and Kick R leg 2x20
Squat and Kick L leg 2x20
Jump Rope 1:00 :15 both legs :15 R leg :15 L leg :15 both legs

Repeat cardio circuit

Walking Reverse Lunge 2x20 singles
Frog Jumps (feet shoulder width apart and explode forward) 2x10
Walking Reverse Lunge 2x20

Wood Chops R and L side. 2x20 10lbs
Roman Chair- Double knee lifts 2x20
Roman Chair side lifts 2x20 singles
Basic Crunch legs @ 90 degrees
Turtles (feet flat on the floor and reach for heels) 2x50 singles

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