Sunday, January 27, 2013

No Weight Workouts!

Great workouts you can do wherever!!!!

No Weight Workouts:
Workout 1: (go through this twice as quick as you can)
Basic Squat x20
Explosions x 20
Frog Squat no weight x20
Squat and Touch toes out x20
Kick out R (stand on one leg and kick to same side) x30 R/L
JJ w calf grab
Out and back R x20 pulse Rx20 then repeat on L
Pushups x20
Mountain Climbers x100 singles
Tricep Dips x30
Basic Crunch x 30
Legs to R crunch x20 Lx20
Slow bike x30
Basic crunch then butt up x20

Workout 2: Go through this twice as quick as you can
20 Pushups
20 Plank to Pushup R
20 Plank to Pushup L
20 Plank Bring R knee to R elbow then L Knee to L elbow
20 froggers
20 Basic Squat
20 Skaters (R and L is 1)
20 Lateral Lunge R
20 Lateral Lunge L
20 Slow Bike
20 Butt Up
20 Slow Bike
20 Cross Over Crunch ( R then L is 1)

Workout #3:
-Do this 3 times as quick as you can... Taking as little breaks as you can.

20 Jumping Jacks with a Calf Grab
20 Quick Squats
20 Squat and Touch
20 Single Stationary Lunges R
20 Single Stationary Lunges L
20 Single Plyo Lunges
20 Alternating Lateral Lunges R then L
20 Skaters
20 Burpee with a Pushup
20 Plank to Pushup R
20 Plank to Pushup L
20 Modified Pushups (these will be hard!!)
20 Alternating R leg in then L leg in to elbow
20 double mountain climbers (the hard way)
20 Froggers

Workout #4

Basic Squats 2x30
Jog in Place High Knees!!! 2x50 Singles
Tuck Jumps 2x20
Frog Squats no weight 2x30
Squat and Touch 2x30
Pulsing Squats 2x30 (little bitty squats)

This will be tough...
Tricep Dips 3x30
Pushups on a chair, bath tub, ottoman 3x20

Hold a Plank and have towel under feet, slide in and out 2x20
Plank Taps- Hold a Plank Tap R shoulder then L shoulder 2x30 singles
Froggers 2x20
Mountain Climbers 2x100 Singles
Tricep Pushups 2x15

Explosions 2x30
Explosion then Burpee 2x10
Clock Work Lunges (Front, Lateral, Reverse) 2x10 R 2x10 L
Lateral Lunge R 2x20
Lateral Lunge L 2x20
Wall Sit 2x1:00 (or count to 50 slow!)
Squat and Tap Wall 2x20 R 2x20 L

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