Sunday, January 27, 2013

Workouts with weights

Great workouts if you are around a gym!!

Weight Workouts:
Workout 1

Jump Rope 3x1:00
Pushups on the mat 3x15 (real ones!)

Walking Lunges with a Curl- Step Out and lunge and on the way back up curl the weights up 2x24singles 8lbs
Bicep Curl and Press-Palms up. Curl the weights up and then press up 2x15 8lbs
Side Taps- Stand with one side to a wall. Squat and tap up with R hand. Twist in your core a little bit 2x10 R side. Turn the other way and repeat on L side

-for this set you will be on your knees on a yoga mat the whole time
Pushup with a row- on your knees. Push up then row weights up 2x15 8lbs
Reverse Fly- Hold weights in front of you and fly back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. 2x15 8lbs
Woodchops from your knees- Low to high. Swing the weight 2x15 each side
Mountain Climbers 2x50 singles

2 way raise- out to the side and up to the front 3x15 5 or 8lbs
Jumping Jacks with weights 3x20 5lbs
Keep 5lbs in your hands and do as many lateral raises as you can!!! Squeeze your core!!
Straight into… Lower ab throws with 2 5lb weights 3x15
-do this set really quick

Tricep Dips 2x20
Butt-ups on the Bench 2x50
Tricep Overhead 2x20 10 lbs-seated on bench
Tricep Overhead Throw 2x15 2 5lb weights

Basic Squat 2x20 no weight
Explosions 2x20
Squat and Press 2xas many as you can 8lbs J

Full Sit Ups 2x50
Butt-ups 2x50

Basic Bike 2x50
Bike Bike Butt-up 2x20
Butt-ups… feet straight up in the air 2x50

Side Crunch 2x30 Rside
Side Crunch 2x30 Lside
Turtle- hands by your side and reach for your heals while moving your sides!!!

Workout 2

Teapot 2x20 each side 10 lbs
Swoop Lunges 2x15 each side
Jump Rope 1:00

Reverse Crunch 2x20 keep legs at 90 degrees. Take them out and then back in and then do a butt up
Butt up 2x30
Bike Bike buttup 2x15
-hard set… finish it!!!!

Basic Squat with a Curl 2x20 8lbs
Keep the weights in your hands and do as many palms up bicep curls as you can
Lateral Raise 2x20 5lbs
Shoulder Press 2x20 5 or 8lbs
Front Raise 2x20 5lbs- take weights from around your side up to the front
Basic Squat no weight 2x20

Lateral Lunges-Feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Sink back bending your chest over while going to the R. Repeat to the L. 2x30 singles holding 8lbs at your chest
Walking Frog Squats-hold 2 8lb weights in between your legs. Step out with your toes pointing out bring feet back together and repeat.
Jump Rope :30 Calf Raises :30 Jump Rope :30

Windmill-Palms up and bring your weights over your head and back down (they will be out to the side of you) 2x15 5lbs
Arm Circles: Forward :30 Small
Backward :30 Small
Forward :30 Big
Backward :30 Big
Palms up, twist over and back up :30
Flutter :30 up and down as quick as you can!!!
Jumping Jacks with weights 2x30 5lbs
2 Way Raise 2x15 5lbs
-hard set… finish it!!!

Burpees- Down back up and jump!! 2x15
Tricep Dips feet straight out 2x20
Tricep Isolation(one arm over head and do a tricep extension R arm then L arm) 2x15 5lbs
Squat and Press JUMPING!!! 2x30 singles 5lbs

Hold Feet Straight in the air: Repeat this sequence 3 times!!!
30 buttups
15 drop R leg buttup drop L leg buttup
30 buttups
50 slow bike

No Weight Workouts!

Great workouts you can do wherever!!!!

No Weight Workouts:
Workout 1: (go through this twice as quick as you can)
Basic Squat x20
Explosions x 20
Frog Squat no weight x20
Squat and Touch toes out x20
Kick out R (stand on one leg and kick to same side) x30 R/L
JJ w calf grab
Out and back R x20 pulse Rx20 then repeat on L
Pushups x20
Mountain Climbers x100 singles
Tricep Dips x30
Basic Crunch x 30
Legs to R crunch x20 Lx20
Slow bike x30
Basic crunch then butt up x20

Workout 2: Go through this twice as quick as you can
20 Pushups
20 Plank to Pushup R
20 Plank to Pushup L
20 Plank Bring R knee to R elbow then L Knee to L elbow
20 froggers
20 Basic Squat
20 Skaters (R and L is 1)
20 Lateral Lunge R
20 Lateral Lunge L
20 Slow Bike
20 Butt Up
20 Slow Bike
20 Cross Over Crunch ( R then L is 1)

Workout #3:
-Do this 3 times as quick as you can... Taking as little breaks as you can.

20 Jumping Jacks with a Calf Grab
20 Quick Squats
20 Squat and Touch
20 Single Stationary Lunges R
20 Single Stationary Lunges L
20 Single Plyo Lunges
20 Alternating Lateral Lunges R then L
20 Skaters
20 Burpee with a Pushup
20 Plank to Pushup R
20 Plank to Pushup L
20 Modified Pushups (these will be hard!!)
20 Alternating R leg in then L leg in to elbow
20 double mountain climbers (the hard way)
20 Froggers

Workout #4

Basic Squats 2x30
Jog in Place High Knees!!! 2x50 Singles
Tuck Jumps 2x20
Frog Squats no weight 2x30
Squat and Touch 2x30
Pulsing Squats 2x30 (little bitty squats)

This will be tough...
Tricep Dips 3x30
Pushups on a chair, bath tub, ottoman 3x20

Hold a Plank and have towel under feet, slide in and out 2x20
Plank Taps- Hold a Plank Tap R shoulder then L shoulder 2x30 singles
Froggers 2x20
Mountain Climbers 2x100 Singles
Tricep Pushups 2x15

Explosions 2x30
Explosion then Burpee 2x10
Clock Work Lunges (Front, Lateral, Reverse) 2x10 R 2x10 L
Lateral Lunge R 2x20
Lateral Lunge L 2x20
Wall Sit 2x1:00 (or count to 50 slow!)
Squat and Tap Wall 2x20 R 2x20 L

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Effects of Altitude on Exercise

5 miles in Jackson Hole Wyoming is TOTALLY different than 5 miles in Alabama!!!!

Snowboarder for the first time ever today!! Going to be sore tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miami Workout...

Miami Workout:
6 Miles on Treadmill
20 Pushups
20 Burpees
20 Kettlebell Swings
20 Squat and Press Kettlebell
20 Explosions with Kettlebell
-Repeat 3 Times!